October 03, 2015

Q&A Mission 2, Hovercraft

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Matt Olsen said:

Does the black border around the lake count as part of the lake or would touching it make your hovercraft score only partial credit?


Doug- RCX said:

The mission states “Grey” area. Therefore, if the Hovercraft touches any other color, it would score as partial credit.


Casey Watson said:

What if the hovercraft is upside down in the lake or partially touching the lake?


Doug- RCX said:

At NO point is it stated the position of the Hovercraft; right side up, upside down, on its side. Therefore all positions would score.

“Completely” & “Partially” is stated in the document and video. You would receive the corresponding score.


Mike Epperson said:

Can the hovercraft be pushed as in the way the video shows?


Doug RCX said:



Kelly Klausing said:

Where is the hovercraft starting point on the board?


Doug- RCX said:

The Hovercraft starts in the Safe Zone


jennifer caudill said:

When can you pick up the robot? Can you pick the robot up as soon as an attachment touches the black border?


Doug RCX said:

The General Rules provide a complete description on Entering the Safe Zone.
The simple answer is, as soon as any part of the robot crosses the black line, you may touch the robot

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