October 03, 2015

Q&A Mission 7, Rescue the Ski Lift Worker

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Leanna Prater said:

which part of the ski lift worker is hanging onto the string?


Doug- RCX said:

The hook of the crowbar.

The worker is hanging upside down.


Leanna Prater said:

orker hanging from string: Is it possible to designate a jig that will determine the height of the bottom of the worker from the floor? We are questioning the slack of the string and how far the worker hangs down.


Doug- RCX said:

Based on past experience, adding a jig at this point would only add confusion.

If the Tower and sting is assembled according to the “Assembly” document linked for the Ski Lift Towers, teams should have a consistent opportunity to achieve this mission.


Leanna Prater said:

What direction does the worker face when he is hanging from the string?


Doug- RCX said:

The Ski Lift Worker should be placed such that the worker is facing toward Charge 2, or the Southeast corner.

For illustration, review the Ski Lift Tower “Assembly” document, and the Coaches Meeting video at minute 11:16


Frank Hulsman said:

I agree with Leanna Porter that some guidance should be given as to the height of the ski lift worker off the ground. ALSO I have had problems with tower 1 drooping towards tower 2. I solved the problem somewhat by adding another piece and shimming it with a 3rd piece to keep it from tipping and to keep it from causing the mat to bubble up based on the force of the string pulling against the tower. Looking for a little more guidance on how you set this mission up.


Doug- RCX said:

Thanks Frank

Here is how the Ski Lift Worker will be set up on Tournament Day, following the Ski Lift Assembly document attached on the website.

1st , Tower 1 & 2 will have double sided tape placed under the mat.
2nd, the string will be pulled tight, without pulling on Tower 1, and locked in place. This means the string will be in a straight line from tower to tower, no drooping.
3rd, the Ski Lift worker will be placed, as pictured on the assembly document. This will cause the string to droop and Tower 1 to bend in an acceptable manor.

This mission, when constructed, was intended to have this variable. Teams must account for the worker being placed not in the exact same spot on the sting or the same height of the string.
When considering the referee placing the worker, you should account for placement along the string, above the target.
If the worker is not placed correctly, team members should request the referee correct before the match starts.

There needs to be movement of the string to allow for the action of the robot to not destroy the Tower assembly.

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