October 04, 2015

Q&A Mission 12, Park your Snowmobile

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Does the snowmobile have to be 100% on the black surface of the parking lots?


Doug- RCX said:

Yes, Black area includes the black area, white lines and any parked car.
NOT the sidewalk


Leanna Prater said:

does it have to be completely on the quad or just break the plane? Does it have to actually touch the board or could it be on top of the robot in the King mission, or on the ladder


Doug- RCX said:

The words “completely” and “in” are used in the Mission document and Coaches Meeting video (minute 19:15). The word “touch” is not.

As explained for Mission 6, Fuel Barrel, the referee will award a score, looking from above, or possibly the side, to see if the Fuel Barrel (Snowmobile) is in the outline of the roof (Quad) to award a score.


Isaac Gawlik said:

what if you park your snowmable upside doun.


Doug- RCX said:

That is OK


Leanna Prater said:

I re-watched the coaches meeting and the mission video again. Unless I missed it, I didn’t see where you addressed if the snowmobile has to physically touch the mat or the quad to score?


Doug- RCX said:

At NO point do I mention “Touch”. I only mention that the Snowmobile has to be “Completely” in the area “As viewed from above by the referee”. The teams chose where to deliver it to

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