October 17, 2016

Q&A Mission 1, Fair Entrance

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sofia said:

how do you DO the actual mission


Doug RCX said:

Please clarify your question.

You must design,construct and program your robot to follow the General Rules and FAF Missions to accomplish this task.


Jeff said:

This question is about being completely outside of the safe zone in order to engage in a mission. If your robot leaves the safe zone completely, then returns, AND YOU DO NOT TOUCH THE ROBOT, and then moves and engages the fair entrance while part of the robot is still in the safe zone…would that be allowed?


Doug RCX said:

If the robot is “In” the Safe Zone, it is “In” the Safe Zone.
It does not matter that the robot left the Safe Zone under its own power, then returned to the Safe Zone under its own power, then left the Safe Zone again under its own power.
If at any time the robot is “In” the Safe Zone and “Touches” the Mission Object, it is a violation of Rule 31, and you will receive a score of “0” for that Mission Object.
Review the Coaches Meeting video and Referee Training video for a complete explanation.

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