October 17, 2016

Q&A Mission 10, Ferris Wheel

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Cecilia Millay said:

We have multiple teams, so can we bring our own mini figures or do we need purchase extras from you?



Doug RCX said:

Yes, bring your own minifigs


Jeff Hollinger said:

will we need to/can we bring our own ferris wheel cars as well as the mini figs?


Doug RCX said:

Each team is responsible to construct the Ferris Wheel Car(s) of their own design and bring them to the match.

Each team is responsible to bring their own Mini-Fig(s) to the match.

Each Ferris Wheel Car will need a separate Mini-Fig. Potentially 6 separate cars with 6 separate Mini-Figs.


Lemmons said:

We only purchased 1 minifig. Can we simply create our own character or use a man from another kit as our minifig, or must it be the ones available through you?


Doug RCX said:

The Challenge Kit came with only 1 Minifig. You may supply additional minifigs from any LEGO source. The minifig must include a minimum of a head, upper body and lower body

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