October 17, 2016

Q&A Mission 2, Wack-a-Bot

A response to your question will be posted as soon as time allows. 

Mechelle Morgan said:

Can the robot pull the bots forward from the back of the booth or does the robot have to go all the way around to the open part of the booth?


Doug RCX said:

Review the Coaches Meeting Video. Review the General Rules, Rule 31. As long as your robot is entirely outside of the Safe Zone, the robot my act on any Mission Object in any way.


Heather Brock-Wagner said:

Will the bot score if it is on the yellow line but partially outside of the booth?


Doug RCX said:



kent gwaltney said:

when we complete the mission can we still earn the points if we knock the pieces over after the mission has been completed successfully?


Doug RCX said:

The mission is scored at the end of the Match. You will receive a score for any Bot which touches the Yellow Line within the booth. Position of Bot does not matter, The Bot must be touching the Yellow Line to score.

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