September 21, 2014

Q&A Mission 1- Debris to the Safe Zone (Touch Penalty)


Frank Hulsman said:

Scoring for these items is not clear. I assume that the team will score 7 points for each touch penalty item which is inside the safe zone, at the end of the round and zero points for each item not in the safe zone. Question: If the referee assesses a touch penalty, they will remove a touch penalty item. Will the referee start with items inside the safe area, or with items still out on the board?


Thomas Sandlin said:

This question arose during our coaches meeting,
If a team has a touch penalty is there an order in which the judge will remove the debris items? Since they are numbered do they start with Debris 1, or the lowest remaining number? Or is it random? Will items in the safe zone be removed first or will it be the one in the play area?


Doug RCX said:

Score for Debris on the mat “0”
Score for Debris in the Safe Zone “7” points each.

Referees will assess Touch Penalties in numeric order, starting with Debris #1, then debris #2, etc.

If Debris has been moved or retrieved to the Safe Zone, the Referee will take Debris located closet to the East wall first. Then move toward the West wall for future Touch Penalties.

If all the Debris are located in the Safe Zone, then a Touch Penalty is assessed, the Referee will randomly select one Debris for the Touch Penalty.

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