September 21, 2014

Q & A Mission 2 - Relocate Mineral Samples


Youngdo Lee said:

Scenario: the mineral ball is dropped and it rolls into the Safe Zone. Once it is in, can a team member touch the mineral ball even prior to the bot’s return to the Safe Zone? My thinking is ‘yes’ just because the ball is in the Safe Zone, but the situation is slightly different with the bot not in the Safe Zone.


Brian- RCX said:

Youngdo Lee- team members can touch any item within the safe zone. If the ball rolls into the safe zone they can pick it up without penalty. Yes, as you said…just because the ball is in the Safe Zone.


Brennan Graham said:

We have been having some trouble with the mineral sample holder staying on the wall, and wanted to clarify whether we are supposed to use the thicker or the thiner dual lock.


Doug RCX said:

To attach the Mineral Sample to the North wall, you have been provided the clear Dual Lock to use. Do Not use the black Dual Lock.

There should be extra clear Dual Lock in your Mars Adventure kit. To help the Mineral Sample mission object stay in place, you may use larger pieces of Dual Lock to attach to both the mission object and the wall.

On our practice table, the Mineral Sample adheres to the wall with no problem. Team members have had to design/ program the robot in a manner that is less destructive.


Max Martin said:

How would the setup for the mineral sample be positioned? My team is having trouble figuring out how the rig should be set up.


Doug- RCX said:

Make sure to review the videos for the Mineral Sample construction and Mineral Sample Jig placement


james gary said:

My team has a question on the mineral sample mission: if the red ball falls off the board (and lands on the floor) is the mission considered “blown” or can the ball be placed back in the holder by the team members or the referee?


Doug- RCX said:

If the Red Ball falls off the table due to the action of the robot, you loose the opportunity to score. This follows General Rule 39. General Rule 37 states “Mission Objects will never be reset”

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