September 21, 2014

Q&A Mission 8 - Establish RCX Colony (Flag)


Michael Slagell said:

The building instructions for the colony flag produces an end product that is different from what is illustrated in the mission brief. Therefore, I am having problems knowing how to place the flag assembly as well as knowing how to have the robot work the flag.


Gayla Webb said:

We would like clarification as to the finished product for the flag as well.


Doug- RCX said:

The RCX Colony Flag was redesigned after the picture was taken. Construct the Flag according to the video. The video has the finished look you need.


Ben said:

Must the flag remain in an upright position for points to be received? In other words, if the flag goes up but all the way but then immediately falls back down will points be awarded? Thanks.


Brian- RCX said:

Ben- judges will score the table at the end of the run. If the flag is not upright it will not count. Thanks

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