September 21, 2014

Q&A Mission 12 - Relocate Astronaut


john Leistner said:

Does the astronaut have to be touching the mat to score or can the astronaut be on the robot or on the living quarters (for example) to score?


Doug- RCX said:

The astronaut only scores “in” the target area. The astronaut does not have to “touch” the mat.

To receive a score, the referee will view the astronaut from above and award a score based on the Target ring area the astronaut is “in”

If the robot is in the Target, in the Red area, but the astronaut is “on” the robot, the referee will view from above, looking downward and award points based on the area the astronaut is above the Target.


Sherry Curtsinger said:

So, once the living quarters or astronaut is on the target it will stay? We were hoping that it would be removed.


Brian- RCX said:

Sherry- items (living quarters and astronaut) will stay and the board will be scored at the end of the run.



Steve Marionneaux said:

Regarding the astronaut being “on” the robot, it still cannot be “attached” to the robot (or any other LEGO piece), correct (as per General Rule #24)?


Doug- RCX said:


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