September 27, 2018

Secret Mission

Do you know what the Secret Mission is for the Ua Hala Ka Hala Island Adventure Challenge?

Reveiw the wording from the Coaches Meeting Video and the Missions document.  All the Mission Objects are the same, you just have to use them in a way that is not explained to you in the Missions.

Provide a brief description of what you think the Secret Mission is.  Once someone finds this mission, it will become active for everyone.  Deadline will be January 31, 2019.

 At the Coaches Meetings, several good ideas were mentioned.  If no one discovers the Secret Mission I have in mind, I may chose from one of the ideas you guys post.

Gayla Webb said:

Secret Mission: Ball of chaos to the camp site or to the safe zone?


doug.rcx said:

Good idea to control the Ball. But that is not what I am looking for.


Barbara Poynter said:

the secret mission is the touch penalties- not having them/ having them protected


doug.rcx said:

Touch Penalties/Trees not protected? No.

The Secret Mission will take an existing Mission Object and increase its point value.

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