2021-2022 Chicago Sites Challenge Supplies


The Chicago Sites Challenge is designed for the beginner.  Since many students and coaches are participating in a robotics program for the first time this year, we designed this year's challenge to go back to the basics.  There will be some challenging missions, but for the most part this is designed for the newby.

Learning the basics of how to design, construct and program your robot will be what this challenge is all about.  How to control an object, or manuver an object, while understanding how to take the simple, then transfer that knowledge to something complex later.

This year we will add a chat room for you and your students to reach out with questions.  Provide some additional techniques for the kids to use and some helpful hints to encourage the kids to go beyond what we teach them.


   Chat Room, Coming in November  




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Due to the Covid restrictions, all 2021-2022 RCX Program Annual Challenge supplies will be shipped directly to your address.  We are not planning on conducting in-person Coaches Meetings at this time.  ONLY orders which are consolidated at the time the order is placed will be shipped together.

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