Beneath the Surface Challenge

The Beneath the Surface Challenge is designed with the beginner in mind.  This year we have added a few twists to make it more difficult to echo the difficulties connected with caves and spelunking.  Students will be able to construct and program their robot to accomplish missions in confined, tight situations.  They will program their robot to use "degrees', "rotations" & "sensors".

As with Annual Challenges from the past, the purpose will be to provide missions which duplicate measurements.  We created the field so Mission Objects will be placed at angles (45, 60, 90 degrees), behind obstacles (some are movable, some not).  The purpose for duplicating measurements is to provide the opportunity for the students to use not only the simple motor commands while programming, but also loops and suitcases within the programs.



Delivery Only

Delivering directly to the schools worked so well last year, that we plan to continue to offer Delivery Only again this year.  We may conduct in-person Coaches Meetings, for now we are planning on having only online meetings.  ONLY orders which are consolidated at the time the order is placed will be shipped together.

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