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Are you ready to go "Out of this World?"  The 2019-2020 Mission Horizon, Looking to the Future challenge, will take you to research Space Station Xtreme.  RCX's Mission Horizon will loosely portray the life of an astronaut on Space Station Xtreme.  Your team will be tasked to design, construct and program a robot to aid in the daily life of the space station.  Your robot will help maneuver modules and probes.  Use a telescope to research a black hole.  Drill for minerals in nearby planets and asteroids.  And maybe travel to a distant galaxy through a star gate.

In 2014, The Mars Adventure Challenge spotlighted NASA's missions to Mars.  Man have things changed.  While putting together the Mission Horizon Challenge, many groups are working together to make space travel possible.  Government agencies, universities and private companies are combining efforts to make going into space a reality. 


Who's Working To Get To Space

We encourage you to do your own research as you prepare for RCX's Mission Horizon Challenge.  Start with the groups listed below.  Your curiosity will take over as you visit their websites.

What are NASA's plans for the future?  A base on the moon? A manned mission to Mars?  What else?

How is Arizona State University involved in space?  ASU hosts the THEMIS website.  Find out how this university is helping NASA with the Mars Missions and how their findings are effecting future missions to Mars.

SpaceX, with entrepreneur Elon Musk, is driving a new wave of excitement from private companies in the aerospace industry. Plans for improved communication through the 5G Network and even civilian space travel. All this within the next 20 years.


How Much Do You Know?

The three groups listed, are all working together.   In October, your team will be provided the opportunity to test their knowledge.  Have your team members review each group's website.  What is their purpose?  What are they working on? In what ways are they working together?


          ASU hosts the THEMIS


          Are there others?




   Link to the Mission Horizon Challenge videos and documents.


Mission Horizon Calendar 


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November 1st, Team Registration Opens
January 2020 31st, Team Registration Closes 


Regional Tournament prep
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Expect Materials to ship as soon as September.  Complete challenge details will be posted October 1, 2019.



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