The RCX Program Contest

Would you like to receive your 2024-2025 RCX Program Challenge supplies for free.  Here is how you can win next year's Challenge supplies.

Video Contest:  Submit a video of your robot, try to provide closeup action of your robot.  Videos should contain "action" of the robot.  The arm activating a mission object, wheels turning, attachments dumping.  Also, include video of team members having fun and learning.

There will be two(2) winning videos.    

Each winning video will receive one(1) complete Annual Challenge Kit, with Team Registration.


 Video Requirements

          Students should do most of the work:  Video, content, editing.

          Content: Take video in the classroom or at the tournament.
                         Action of your robot
                         Students Learning with the robot
                         Students having fun
                         Comments from the students & coach
          Length:   One(1) to two(2) minutes in length  maximum.
          Credits: Make sure to provide credits at the end of your video for content that belongs to someone else.
          Email video to:
                    or   For better quality, share your video with us through Youtube.
 Deadline to submit your video will be May 30, 2024




Schools may submit up to two(2) videos.   A school is eligible to win only one(1) prize.  

The videos submitted must follow your school district's guidelines for publicity.  The RCX Program will use submitted videos and photos for future promotions and publications on the RCX website, publications and other media.