The RCX Program is a 501c(3) nonprofit organization working to provide financial support for participating schools.  We are partnering with individuals and businesses to increase the opportunities students have to learn about robotics.  

If you know of any opportunity from your employer, local groups and/or major corporations, let us know.  We will contact them to try to develop a relationship among the donors, students and the RCX Program to increase the educational opportunity for our students.



Parents, teachers, & schools which are customers of the Tennessee Valley Authority are eligible to receive financial support.  Also, anyone who is an indirect customer, inwhich your utility company or cooperative receives electric from the TVA are eligible for this grant also.

The Tennessee Valley Robotics group is here to help your children.

 Learn more about Tennessee Valley Robotics by watching this short video.


Submit the attached form to be elligible for this grant.  


Funds are limited.



 More opportunites will be added with your help.