Supplies for more RCX Challenge Themes

Below is a list of products and services available for the The Avalanche Rescue Challenge and The Mars Adventure Challenge.   

The Avalanche Rescue Challenge is set at a mountain lodge.  Design construct and program your robot to rescue the vacationers from the perils of snow on the ski lift.  

Think out of this world for The Mars Adventure Challenge.  This theme workd great for classroom activities involving the exploration of the Planet Mars.   Visit NASA's website to learn more about the names and places you will find in this challenge.

Both packages are a perfect tool for teachers to use in conjunction with other classroom activities.  Build leadership and teamwork skills.  Strengthen computer programming skills and provide the perfect avenue for students to learn through a hands-on activity how to problem solve.  Students will build a robot to satisfy missions listed for the Challenges.  Each challenge is designed to use the LEGO Mindstorm NXT &/or the LEGO Mindstorm EV3 robots.  Robots are sold separately through LEGO Education.

If you would like to organize a competition in your area around the either the Avalanche Rescue Challenge or The Mars Adventure Challenge theme, limited quantities are still available for schools to purchase to prepare for a local competition.

 Check for a RCX competitions in your area.  


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