You will find a collection of videos and documents to support you and your team as you prepare for the Annual Challenge.  These videos and documents will apply every year.  If there are changes for the Annual Challenge, videos and documents posted on the Annual Challenge page will notify you of those changes.

Building and Construction

          Board Building 101
          Quad Assembly, Northwest Corner
          Q&A for Building and Construction

General Rules, Participation and other items

          General Rules
          Referees/ Team Members at the Competition Board Guide    New
          Touch Penalty Assessed During the Match Guide                   New
          Match Review
          Run an Efficient Tournament
          Scoring the Quad Platform, Drive Source
          Tournament Policy
          Virtual Tournament
          Q&A for General Rules and other items

Additional Support Documents

          Benefits to Sponsoring a Robotics Program
          How much will it cost?
          What to do to prepare for RCX


Make sure to use the Google Form and Sheets files for easy scoring of your tournament.  Provide the "url" link to your coaches and parents so that everyone can watch the scores from their personal devices which was emailed to each host.

        BTS Scoring Form, Referee (paper scoring) 

        BTS Scoring Form Answer Key Coach(Paper Scoring)