Orders for the Chicago Sites Challenge will be shipped to your school in 2 shipments.  The first package will include the Mission Objects.  The second package will have the challenge mat.  Documents and videos for this year's challenge will be found in the table below, or linked to this page in verious locations.


Support Documents for the Challenge

     Chicago Sites Challenge Mat

     Chicago Sites Challenge Missions and Rules, updated 1/9/22

     Virtual Tournament 


Videos for the Chicago Sites Challenge can be found:



General Rules and Other Documents


 Missions Mission Overview LEGO Source Instructions Starting/ Scoring Position



Helicopter Box


Book In Box, All Steps


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Wind Mill Blade Extra Bag 1 Piece "
Road Repair Extra Bag Doc  "
Tractor Tire Tractor Box Remove right front tire from Tractor "
Construction Truck Construction Box Book In Box, All Steps "
Road Debris Construction Box Doc "
Park Bench Bus Box/ Extra Bag Doc "
Jet sky Helicoptor Box In Helicopter Box Book "
Tractor Tractor Box Book In Box, All Steps "
Tour Bus Bus Box Book In Box, Steps 1 to 26, & 37 ONLY "
Minifigs All Boxes In Books "
Miscellanious Items Doc "