With modern technologies evolving it’s an opportune time to offer an enriching STEM competition to anyone…living anywhere…at anytime. The “RCX Cyber Competition” is a unique online Lego robotics tournament that leverages the power of the Internet to create a world of learning and competition right in your own backyard. It is our goal to break down the barriers of proximity by offering an online version of the RCX- Robo Challenge Xtreme Tournament.

Mars Adventure Mat and Setup

RCX-Cyber Version Quick Glance

  1. You need a Lego robot (RCX, NXT or EV3).  Sold here- www.legoeducation.us
  2. Purchase an RCX Competition Set: www.rcxrobot.org
  3. Use RCX online resource to do everything related to the tournament.
  4.       “How do I build the 4x8 board?” ( Check the RCX website)
  5.       “How do I build the Mission Objects?” ( Check the RCX website)
  6.       “What are the Missions?”  (Check the RCX website)
  7.       “How do I videotape?” (Check the RCX website)
  8.        “How do I improve in Advanced Algebra?”  (Ask a math teacher)
  9. I think you "GET IT" the website will be your best resource.
  10. Practice, Practice, Practice.
  11. Follow the Videotaping Guide (Below) to record your robot run and post the video online.
  12. Send us the link to your video before the tournament closing date.
  13. You’re FINISHED…
  14. We will have two different referee’s review your video and score it independently of each other.  Scores are compared and if the scores are not equal we re-score them.  
  15. Once scoring is complete a winner is announced…it could be you Advanced Algebra wiz kid.  9log9(4) =

Is the RCX Cyber Challenge for School or Home Use?

The RCX Cyber Challenge can be used as a school activity or an at home project.  It is a flexible STEM resource that encourages teamwork, creativity, critical thinking and applies math and engineering concepts.  

School Use- schools have used this resources in many different forms.

1. After School Club
2. Gifted and Talented Challenge
3. Complete School Course (Science or Enrichment)
4.  Supplement to other Course

Home Use-  purchase the complete set and challenge any child anywhere.  It will engage your child and create a enthusiasm for discovery.  

 Can I buy the RCX resource but not participate in the tournament style Cyber Challenge?

ABSOLUTELY!  The RCX Cyber Challenge is a great culminating activity.  Consider this...robotics is like a sport and the Cyber Challenge is the game (event).  Kids always learn the most with consistent practice and preparation.  Have FUN while Learning. 

 CYBER Challenge Resources

Don't have the time to attend a RCX Tournament, or there are no tournaments in your area?  Participate in the RCX CYBER Competition.
Building Board 101
The Quad Assembly
Videotaping Guide
RCX General Rules
Practice Score Sheet
Rules and Missions
YouTube Mission Overview
Mars Q & A for Teams or Coaches


For information about the CYBER CHALLENGE, contact us at the address below.