How much will it cost?

For about the price of a field trip, you can provide students the opportunity to participate in the RCX Program. Start with a team of ten students.  Provide the opportunity for a second group of students to participate later in the school year. Then expand your program over time.  Financial resources include your school, your school district, PTA, team fundraising, and parent support.

You will need to purchase the LEGO Mindstorm EV3 Core Set , which includes the software for $412.  This is purchased from LEGO Education.

The RCX Program provides the Annual Challenge for $200.

You will need to construct the Board.  Supplies can be purchased from your local lumber/ hardware store for about $75.

Total cost for your first year is about $700.  After that you can participate for just the cost of the RCX Annual Challenge fee of $200.


As you add teams, purchase additional robots from LEGO Education.  

Additional teams can participate in the RCX Annual Challenge for an extra $30. 

The LEGO Mindstorm EV3 can be used in robotics programs other than RCX as well.