What is the best way to get students interested in learning?


By making it fun!


The RCX Program brings together adults and students through LEGOs.  Almost everyone can relate to playing with LEGOs.  The experience adults and students have of playing with LEGOs allow them to come together to expand the experience into robots and computer programming.

The LEGO Mindstorm EV3 is the toy, or tool, used to make it happen.



By introducing the LEGO Mindstorm EV3, you open the world of robotics to students.  From the basic concepts of designing the robot. To the advanced processes of programming the robot.  

This toy is the key to providing a life long career for your students.  Opportunities are unlimited.  Careers range from the technician who maintains the equipment, to a programmer, designer and more.  You can find robots in areas that range from material handling at Distribution Centers, robot aided surgery at hospitals, automotive assembly plants, home appliances, almost everywhere.

Just think how your life is impacted by robots every day.  Your students will use robots in every aspect of their lives.