Who Can Lead your Robotics Program?


The answer is ANYONE.


Math teachers, Science teachers, Librarians, Music teachers, Custodians, Parents and more.  If I were to pole the schools that participate in the RCX Program, you will find a broad range of school staff and parents leading robotics programs.  Most teachers I have talked with have a desire to work with kids.  They are not trained in robotics or engineering.  To reach STEM goals, robotics programs are the best opportunity for schools.  To establish and maintain a robotics program is easy due to the resources provided through LEGO Education and the RCX Program. 

Schools are always asking for volunteers, so many school programs are led by parents to save money.  Also, as your robotics program grows, many schools allow older students to mentor younger students.  The Campbell County School District provides a Robotics Lab.  Students from across the school district come to the Robotics Lab.  This program is provided through the District's Technology Department and lead by a part time staff member which happens to be an engineer.  Students from Elementary, Middle and High School, come together to learn from adults and each other.