RCX Regional Tournament
Morehead State University 
March 12, 2016


Champion:   130 points, Dorton Techno Bots from Dorton Elementary, Pike County
Runner-Up:   125 points Crabbe Tigers from Crabbe Elementary, Ashland Independent



Champion:   175 points, Savage Narwhals from Ashland MS, Ashland Independent
Runner-Up:   140 points, Millard Platinum from Millard MS, Pike County



Champion:   250 Points, Team 1 from Betsy Layne HS, Floyd County
Runner-Up   245 Points, Casey and his boyz from Betsy Layne HS, Floyd County

 Below is a list of additional teams which competed by school with their high score.  If you have any questions, email doug.rcx@gmail.com

Charles Russell Elementary Techno Wizards 120
Hager Elementary Hager Wildcats 95
Oakview Elementary Oakview Robotics 95
Poage Elementary Poage Pioneers #2 100
Poage Elementary Poage Pioneers #1 105
Valley Elementary RoboCats 2 105



Ashland Middle School Tr-8rs 85
Dorton Elementary Dortons Techno Cats 100
Millard Middle School Millard Gold 105
Morgan County Middle School Robo Pros 120
Morgan County Middle School Teen Techs 140
Valley Elementary RoboCats 1 50


Belfrey High School Belfrey Pirates 120
Pike Central High School Hawkboticists 175