Quotes will be emailed to you at the time you place you order.  If you require a Quote before you place your order,  send a request to:



Purchase Orders 

You can place your order today, even if your Purchase Order is not complete.  To help complete the PO process, a Quote will be emailed to you, for you to provide to your bookkeeper.  You will also receive an invoice for your order. 

Once your Purchase Order is approved, send a copy of the Purchase Order to us.  For faster service, email the Purchase Order to:  sales.rcx@gmail.com.  Or mail a copy of the Purchase Order to: 

RCX Sales/ PO          
11274 Sugarmill Drive
Alexandria, KY 41001


Your invoice will be updated upon receipt of your Purchase Order information.  We understand this process may take some time.


Orders placed using a PO may not be filled until a copy of the approved Purchase Order is received at the address listed above, or the email below:



**Shipping and Handling Charges are estimates.  Final Shipping and Handling Charges will be calculated when you order ships.