We hope that you have enjoyed our products.  Unfortunately, we understand that sometimes we fall short of meeting your expectations.  If your product is damaged, or has missing items, let us know and we will correct things.  Loss or damage must be communicated within 30 days from date of receipt.

Damaged items will be replaced as soon as possible.

Missing Items will be replaced as soon as possible.



You may cancel your order at any time before the order has been fulfilled &/or shipped to you.


Refund of Supplies

The items the RCX Program offers are time sensitive.  Meaning the items you ordered are only good for the Annual Challenge for the school year in which you have placed your order.

For products, such as the Annual Challenge supplies, these items are only good for the school year the Annual Challenge is current.  If you elect to return these items, you must due so within 30 days from the day you received them.  Return shipping charges are at your expense. No refund will be provided for items received more than 30 days after receipt.

Refund for Team Registration

The Team Registration is a service provided to you for the purpose to provide your team with the opportunity to participate at a Regional Tournament.  The RCX Program partners with coaches, schools, school districts, colleges, and so on to arrange for a site, day and time for teams to compete at a tournament.  From the time your order is fulfilled through the completion of the tournament, the RCX Program performs behind the scene tasks to manage and coordinate with these groups to provide quality tournaments.  Tournament sites are staffed by local organizers.  Coaches may be expected to volunteer, provide staff, or possibly manage a tournament.  Should weather, sickness or other circumstance cause the cancellation of a tournament, The RCX Program will work with participating coaches to get together to organize a tournament for another day, another site and time. Review the Team Registration Policy page.

Team Registrations will never be refunded once a team has completed a "Team Registration Form" to participate at a tournament.