This year, you may compete either by submitting a video (Option 1), or participate LIVE (Option 2).


RCX Virtual Tournament Video Submission Window


Option 1: Submit a video between TBA following the guideline in the documents. These will be scored the following week.

There are several requirements for you to follow to participate in the RCX Virtual Tournament.  Download the RCX Virtual Tournament Requirements Document and follow it to the best of your ability.  While the conduct of the team on the video does not provide a point value, the quality of the video and the communication throughout the video are important.  Make sure the kids have fun and show their excitement.  Include an audience if you like.

1.  Special Object:  Is an object REQUIRED to be in the video during the Introduction and the Match.


This object will be provided in February


2.  Download the RCX Virtual Tournament Requirements Document

3.  Download and follow all documents and videos pertaining to this year's challenge found on the RCX website.

4.  Submit your video within the Virtual Tournament Window to: 


Students should do all the work.


LIVE Virtual Tournament Requirements

Dates will be announced in February

Option 2: Compete in a virtual LIVE event by following the steps below.  This option will allow your teams to have a much more comparable experience to the State Finals and it will provide instant feedback!

1) Email TBD to schedule a spot for your team(s).
2) Have a stationary camera that can view the entire field, preferably looking straight down. Must be able to connect to Google Meet.
3) Have a handheld device that can also connect to Google Meet to look at any close calls when scoring.
4) Be prepared to run 3 Rounds during your scheduled time. Only the highest score stays.
5) Digital scoring will be shared with the coach and results will be available instantly.
6) During your team's scheduled time, they will have three 3 minute rounds with 3 minutes in between to reset.  If they suffer damage to the robot, they will have a Maximum of 15 minutes to make repairs before they must return or forfeit that round. (This keeps the timeline fair to a LIVE event setting)
7) Remember all other RCX Rules still apply during these events like no coaching during the rounds and no sharing of robots.




Awards will be provided for the following: 

Champion & Runner-Up For Elementary, Middle, & High

          Champion:  Team with the highest score

          Runner-Up:  Team with the 2nd highest score

          At Large Bid:  (# TBD) Teams will be awarded an "At Large Bid"

                    Score, Quality of Video, etc. will be used to determine these teams.

Team Enthusiasm:  One team will receive this award selected from all participating teams.  Show your excitement during the match in the video or LIVE.  Have an audience cheer your on.  Dress the part, and so on.

Best Video:  One team will receive this award selected from all participating teams. Take the time to produce a video that goes over the top.  Quality editing.  Team participation and engagement throughout the video.