This is the second year for the RCX Virtual Tournament.  Last year's teams did a great job providing interesting videos both in content and creativity.  


RCX Virtual Tournament Video Submission Window

March 26 - April 1 


Virtual Tournament Requirements

There are several requirements for you to follow to participate in the RCX Virtual Tournament.  Download the RCX Virtual Tournament Requirements Document and follow it to the best of your ability.  While the conduct of the team on the video does not provide a point value, the quality of the video and the communitcation throughout the video are important.  Make sure the kids have fun and show their excitement.  Include an audience if you like.

1.  Special Object:  Is an object REQUIRED to be in the video during the Introduction and the Match.

 The Farmer's Daughter from the tractor LEGO set is the Special Object.

The Farmer's Daughter must be placed on your robot, throughout the entire Match.  Follow the General Rules for Mission Objects on how to place (NOT Attach) a mission object to your robot.


2.  Download the RCX Virtual Tournament Requirements Document

3.  Download and follow all documents and videos pertaining to this year's challenge found on the RCX website.

4.  Submit your video in the Virtual Tournament Window.

Students should do all the work.


Awards will be provided for the following: 

Champion & Runner-Up For Elementary, Middle, & High

          Champion:  Team with the highest score

          Runner-Up:  Team with the 2nd highest score

Team Enthusiasm:  One team will receive this award selected from all participating teams.  Show your excitement during the match in the video.  Have an audience cheer your on.  Dress the part, and so on.

Best Video:  One team will receive this award selected from all participating teams. Take the time to produce a video that goes over the top.  Quality editing.  Team participation and engagement throughout the video.




STLP State Championship Info