Ua Hala Ka Hala Island Adventure 

Regional Tournament Results 


(For complete results, contact your Regional Host)

March 2, 2019 Results

 Logan County Regional


          Champion:  ROBO X, from South Todd Elementary, 345 Points

          Runner Up:  Team Wolverine, from South Todd Elementary, 300 Points

     Middle School

          Champion:  The Dobby's, from Alvaton Middle School, 545 Points

          Runner Up:  B.O.B.B., from Auburn Elementary, 390 Points


Jefferson County Robo Rumble


          Champion:  JAWS, from Stopher Elementary, 230 Points

          Runner Up:  Sharkzilla, from Stopher Elementary, 220 Points

     Middle School

          Champion:  Meyzeek Bear Bots White, Meyzeek MS, 351 Points

          Runner Up:  CTD, Newburg MS, 325 Points

     High School

          Champion:  BTHS 2, Butler Traditional HS, 248 Points

          Runner Up:  Carrrither H100, Carrithers MS, 190 Points


 March 9, 2019 Results

 West Kentucky Regional


          Champion:  Lyon County Elementary Robotics Team, 342 Points

          Runner Up:  STEMnadoes, from Clark Elementary School, 295 Points

          Challenge Design Award:  Lyon Elementary Robotics from Lyon Elementary School

          Esprit de Corps:  Top Notch Builders from St. Mary School

          Enthusiasm Award:  The Bombots from Ballard ElementarySchool

     Middle School

          Champion:  RoboFury, from Concinnity Academy, 520 Points

          Runner Up:  Lyon County Middle Robotics: Varsity, 495 Points

          Challenge Design Award:  RoboFury from Concinnity Academy

          Entusiasm Award:  Overdrive Engineering from Meadowview Homeschool

          Esprit de Corps:  Tornado Volcanos from Paducah Middle School

     High School

          Champion:  SPARC Robotics, from Calloway County 4-H, 600 Points

          Runner Up:  Circuit Smart, from Cedars of Lebanon Christian Academy, 580 Points

          Challenge Design Award:  SPARC Robotics from Calloway County 4-H

          Enthusiasm Award:  Girls LOL from Girl Scouts of Kentuckiana

          Esprit de Corps:  Syntax Error from University Heights Academy


 March 23, 2019 Results

 Ashland Regional


          Champion:  Creative Comets, from Oakview Elementary School, 370 Points

          Runner Up:  Original Oakview, from Oakview Elementary School, 325 Points

     Middle School

          Champion:  Optimus Primates, from Ashland Middle School, 230 Points

          Runner Up:  Chocolate Doritos, from Wurtland Middle School, 140 Points

     High School

          Champion:  Ramya's Rugrats, from Betsy Layne High School, 485 Points

          Runner Up:  Blazer Team 1, from Ashland Paul Blazer HS, 335 Points

Challenge Design Award:  Ramya's Rugrats, from Betsy Layne High School


Bell County Regional


          Champion:  Bell Central Elementary, 420 Points

          Runner Up:  Team B, from Yellow Creek Elementary, 225 Points

     Middle School

          Champion:  Bell Central Middle, 545 Points

          Runner Up:  Lone Jack Mustangs, from , 305 Points

     High School

          Champion: Circuit Cats, from Bell County High School, 310 Points

          Runner Up:  Robocats, from Bell County High School, 227 Points

     Challenge Design Award:  Circuit Cats, from Bell County High School


Daviess County Regional


          Champion:  The No Names, from Whitesville Elementary, 315 Points

          Runner Up:  End Game, from Whitesville Elementary, 240 Points

     Middle School

          Champion:  Sand!, from Browning Springs Middle School, 275 Points

          Runner Up:  Xtra Cheddar Goldfish, from Browning Springs Middle School, 215 Points

     High School

          Champion:  Z Pros, Heritage Park High School, 115 Points

 Challenge Design Award:  Ua Hala Ka Hala Octonauts from Highland Elementary School


Fayette County Regional


          Champion:  Downside Up Pands, from Clays Mill Elementary, 610 Points

          Runner Up:  Golden Cats, from Clays Mill Elementary, 570 Points

          3rd Place:  Diamonde Lizards, from Clays Mill Elementary, 535 Points

          4th Place:  Giraffe Nation, from Clays Mill Elementary, 420 Points

     Middle School

          Champion:  Winburn 1, from Winburn Middle, 470 Points

          Runner Up:  Winburn 2, from Winburn Middle, 440 Points

     High School

          Champion:  Three Amigos, from Western Hills High, 290 Points

          Runner Up:  Team Wilson, from Western Hills High, 280 Points

Challenge Design Award

          Group 1:  The Mechanical Destroyers from SCAPA Elementary

          Group 2:  Braves 2 from Bondurant Middle School


Madison County RCX Bot Battle


          Champion:  Alpha Coderz, from Glendover Elementary, 450 Points

          Runner Up:  NXT Titans, from Glendover Elementary, 350 Points

     Middle School

          Champion:  Morton6, from Morton Middle School, 315 Points

          Runner Up:  Morton8, from Morton Middle School, 246 Points

     High School

          Champion:  Robot Rippers, from Madison Central High School, 380 Points

Challenge Design Award:  Bobcat Robotics from Silver Creek Elementary


Oldham County Regional


          Champion:  Mighty Warriors, from Eminence Elementary, 320 Points

          Runner Up:  Space Stars, from Saffel Street Elementary, 225 Point

     Middle School

          Champion:  Code Yellow, from South Oldham Middle School, 380 Points

          Runner Up:  Robobots, from South Oldham Middle School, 375 Points

     High School

          Champion: Cache Memory, from South Oldham High School, 505 Points 

          Runner Up:  Miami, from South Oldham High School, 455 Points


Pike County Regional

     Middle School

          Champion:  Ultimate-Ultimate Bots, from Johns Creek ES, 270 Points

          Runner Up:  BearcatBots, from Johns Creek ES, 255 Points

     High School

          Champion:  Blue Team, from Pike County Central HS, 460 Points

          Runner Up:  ERHS Warrior Bots 1, from East Ridge High, 310 Points


 March 30, 2019 Results

 Walton Verona ISD Regional


          Champion   Coders, from Brandeis Elementary, 480 Points

          Runner Up   Golden Knights, from Reiley Elementary, 465 Points

     Middle School

          Champion  Backfire, from St. Mary School, 500 Points

          Runner Up  Gear Girls, from St. Mary School, 490 Points

     High School

          Champion. Funky Squirrlz, from Campbell County HS, 540 Points

          Runner Up. Domo Arigato, from Conner HS, 415 Points

 April 18, 2019 STLP State Championships