We have made as accurate an estimate as we can to provide you with the correct Shipping & Handling Charge for your order.  Your Shipping & Handling Charge may be adjusted due to the following factors:

                            Shipping Method

All these factors are taken into consideration before the final amount of the Shipping & Handling Charge is calculated for your order.  The final Shipping and Handling Charge may increase the amount total for your order.

Coaches Meeting Pickup Orders

Coaches who decide to pickup their order at a local Coaches Meeting will be charged a minimum of $10.00 to cover the cost of shipping &/or delivery charges to your local site.  You must arrange to have your order picked up from this site.  No one will deliver your order to your school.

Competition Board Shipping & Handling Charges

Competition Boards will be delivered by RCX in the Fall and at other times arranged with the customer.  A Minimum charge of $40 for local deliveries.  For deliveries outside of Northern Kentucky, there will be a minimum of $50 charged, orders will be consolidated with other schools and delivered on the same day.  

Shipping & Handling Charge Minimums

$10 for orders shipped to/or delivered to a Coaches Meeting site.  Items must be picked up by you or your representative.

$35 minimum for orders shipped directly to your address which include a "Challenge Mat".

$40 minimum for orders which include a "Competition Board".

$25 minimum for orders which include a "Trophy".