Make if FUN as you learn to use the robot.  As you go through each Step, introduce a fun activity, comment, etc..  You will need to incorporate FUN in Steps 6 & 7 the most.  Remember, Thomas Edison learned 10,000 ways a lightbulb will not work before he created the lightbulb that would work. 

"Trial and Error" and "Practice" are your keys to success. 


 Videos and documents will be added over time to help the Coach prepare the team.
Step 1

Practice with the Robot

       Download the LEGO Mindstorm EV3 software from LEGO. Free to download.

Go to the LEGO Education website to download.

       Use the LEGO Mindstorm EV3 software to learn how to construct and program your robot.

       Coaches should use the tools within the softwware to monitor the progress of the team.

Step 2






Discuss the Characteristics of the Robot

a Move Like the Robot
b Tires
c Gears
d Simple Machines

Advanced Concepts

Friction, Torque, Balance

Step 3 Build Your Team

Step 4





Discuss the RCX Annual Challenge

a Mat Layout
b Mission Objects
c What does the Mission require the Robot to do?
d Similarities among Missions and Mission Objects.
e Strategize, Segment Missions, Combine Missions 
Step 5 Combine Your Knowledge of the Robot to the RCX Annual Challenge

Step 6





Trial and Error

a Construct Prototypes to Solve the Missions
b Turn the Prototype into an Attachment for the Robot
c Program the Robot and Attachment
d Modify your Attachment
e Repeat
f Use your Attachments for as many Missions as possible

Step 7




Prepare for the Tournament

Introduce the Clock
b Practice, Handling the Robot and Attachments
c Practice, Problems, "What If", Things go Wrong 
d Practice, Overcome Human Error
Step 8 Have Fun