Non-Kentucky Orders

For orders placed from outside of the State of Kentucky, you currently will not be charged KY Sales Tax. You may be charged Sales Tax for your local Taxing Authority.


Kentucky Orders

Orders placed within the State of Kentucky will be charged KY Sales Tax unless your organization has a KY Purchase Exemption Certificate, form 51A126, of file with us.  Your organization will periodically have to update your certificate to stay current.

Click on the link below to download a blank form for you to fill out.

KY Purchase Exemption Certificate, form 51A126 

1.  Make sure you fill out the form completely.

2.  Vendor Info:

          RCX, Robo Challenge Xtreme          
          11274 Sugarmill Drive
          Alexandria, KY 41001 

3.  Make sure to check the "Blanket" box so current and future orders are processed as "Tax Exempt".  

4.  Email/ mail a copy of your organization's KY Purchase Exemption Certificate to:

or mail it to:

RCX Sales/ PEC          
11274 Sugarmill Drive   
Alexandria, KY 41001 


First Time Orders 

At the time you place your order, if KY Sales Tax is included on your order, then your Customer Profile needs to be updated to reflect your Tax Exempt status.  Until your organization's KY "Purchase Exemption Certificate" is received from your organization, your invoice will include Kentucky Sales Tax.  After receipt of the Purchase Exemption Certificate, your Customer Profile will be updated to reflect your Tax Exempt status.  Only orders placed within 30 days of receipt of tax exempt documentation will have KY Sales Tax refunded.