Team Registration Policy

A Team Registration gives your students the ability to participate in a group setting similar to that of any other sports team, social club and so on.  Compete against teams from your own school, within your school district, from around the state, around the county, and possibly around the world.  A complete outline of Team Participation can be found in the RCX Program's General Rules document which can be found on the Annual Challenge Page.

Teams consist of up to 10 students per team.  Schools may sponsor more than one team.  Teams compete against students in age groups of: elementary, middle and high. 

Elementary includes grades 4 through 5.  Middle includes grades 6 through 8.  High includes grades 9 through 12.  Students are placed on teams with respect to grade, not age.  Teams compete based on group, not ability.  Students as young as the 1st Grade have participated on teams, at the coaches discretion.

If you have a team of mixed students which covers multiple age groups, the team will compete in the group of the student with the higher grade.  Example, a team with students from elementary and middle would compete at the middle level.  A team with high and elementary students would compete at the high level.

Mentoring/ Coaching

While we encourage college age students to participate, The RCX Program is intended for students from 4th Grade through 12th Grade.  College students have the ability to help younger students through mentoring, or coaching a team.  Many schools seek volunteers to help with their robotics program.  This is the perfect opportunity to give back to your community.

Purchase a Team Registration

When you place your order for Annual Challenge Supplies, you will have the oppotunity to purchase a Team Registration.  You may purchase a Team Registration included in the Annual Challenge Competition Set, and you may purchase a Team Registration separately.  Purchase as many Team Registrations as you need to cover the teams your school plans to sponsor for your robotics club.  Participation is limited by grade and host availability.  You may have to travel to participate at a regional tournament.   Team Registrations are only good for the current Annual Challenge year.

Registering Your Team

To participate in a tournament, you must register your team in the window provided for Team Registration for the current year.  You may register for a Virtual Tournament or one of the Regional Tournament sites listed for you to choose from.  Make your "First Choice" and "Second Choice" selections for regional tournament sites you wish to compete at.  You are not guaranteed to be able to participate at your "First Choice".  You may have to travel further than you wish to participate at a tournament site.  Teams may only participate at one tournament. 

Virtual Tournament

If you are unable to participate at a Regional Tournament, your Team Registration will provide you the ability to participate in the RCX Program Virtual Tournament.  Follow the rules as outlined on a separate Virtual Tournament page.


Once your Team Registration is submitted, steps are taken between the RCX Program and the Regional Hosts to provide a positive tournament experience for teams, spectators, and others to be able to attend a quality tournament.  Regional Hosts will take over most of the communication with coaches relating to activities during the tournament.  The RCX Program will continue to provide information on a macro scale for all tournaments.


Regional Tournament sites are managed by volunteers from local schools.  If you wish, you may inquire about hosting a tournament at your school.  Minimum participating levels are required.

Registration Fees

The Team Registration fee collected by the RCX Program is used to pay the costs of running the RCX Program Tournaments.  Funds are shared with local hosts to help offset their costs.  Funds are used to provide tournament documents, e-docs, scoring programs, awards and other expenses.  At some Regional Tournament sites, a separate fee may be charged by the host to help with their costs.

Fees will not be refunded for unused Team Registrations after 30 days from the original date of purchase.  Teams will be provided the opportunity to participate at an "in-person" or "virtual" tournament.  It is the responsibility of the coach to make sure to read the RCX Program Rules,  RCX Program emails, RCX Program website and other media which will provide information on how, and when to register and participate at a tournament.

Should a tournament be cancelled for any reason, the RCX Program will make reasonable efforts to reschedule the tournament.  Collectively, coaches of teams effected by a tournament cancellation will need to step up to host a rescheduled tournament at a school or other facility of their choice.  The RCX Program will take reasonable steps to work with these coaches to provide a tournament in a timely manor.  Ultimately, if a tournament can not be rescheduled, teams will automaticaly participate in the Virtual Tournament.

The RCX Program intends to provide a positive robotics program for students to participate in.

If you have any questions or concerns relating to the Team Registration Policy, bring it to the attention of the RCX Program at your earliest convenience.  Contact us at