Mars Adventure Challenge Trophy Package

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This Trophy Package includes 9 trophies, to be presented at a RCX Tournament.  Trophies are for the divisional winners of Elementary, Middle , and High School, for 1st, 2nd, & 3rd Place respectively.

Present to your students at your local regional tournament the "Mars Adventure Challenge" trophy.  This trophy is token of appreciation for you to give your students to commemorate the time and effort they put forth to get ready for the Mars Adventure Challenge.  The trophy stands roughly 8" tall, with the RCX logo on top.  The body of the trophy is red, with black and gold trim. The marble base includes the year and a plaque with the wording:  "Mars Adventure Challenge", Division, Place and "2015".

*Additional trophies may be added and specialized to your desired wording.  You will need to order the "Mars Adventure Challenge Individual Trophy".

**Wording on pictured trophy plaque will be different.

* Minimum Shipping & Handling Charges apply.