Mission Object Assembly Charge

Why waste time assembling your Mission Objects?  No more second guessing whether the Mission Objects are constructed correctly.  Let us do the work!!  

The Mission Object Assembly Charge is the fee associated with assembling the LEGOs found in the Annual Challenge Challenge Set or Competition Set.  An Annual Challenge Challenge Set or Competition Set must be purchased separately.  The Mission Objects for your Annual Challenge Set will be assembled and ready to use when you open the box.  Simply, open your Annual Challenge Set, unroll the Challenge Mat and set the Mission Objects on the mat.  Dual Lock the assigned Mission Objects.  

You will be ready to start programming your robot in minutes.

With the purchase of an Annual Challenge Set, no additional Shipping & Handling Charges.

Mission objects will come assembled and ready for you and your students to use.  You may have to re-connect several LEGO pieces due to shipping.