Robotics Competition Board


Competition Board


Since this is a Special Order Item, I suggest you request an Estimate before you place your order.

Have us construct your Competition Board.  Save the hassle of going to the local hardware store to buy all the materials.  Then you have to find the time to build and paint your own Competition Board.  

The Competition Board includes:

      One(1) Competition Board

      One(1) Quad Platform

A minimum of 1 month is required to fulfill this item.


Multiple Competition Boards Ordered

          If you order multiple Competition Boards at one time, you likely only need one(1) Quad Platform.  When placing your order, enter in the "Notes" section that you only want one(1) Quad Platform and you will receive a $10 credit for each additional board on your order. 


Pre-Payment Required

          This item will ONLY be filled after payment received.


Pickup Available

          You may pickup your order from the RCX Home Office to avoid Shipping and Handling Charges.


Shipping and Handling Charge

          The Shipping and Handling Charge calculated on your order will be from $35 to $100.  The number of Boards, Customer Orders, and distance traveled to deliver will determine the final Shipping and Handling Charge.  Your Shipping and Handling Charge may go down due to consolidation of orders from multiple customers.

          Limited Delivery Area

          Delivery of the Competition Board will be limited to the Regional Coaches Meetings, Tournaments, and other times throughout the year.  

          Delivery arrangements will be confirmed approximately one month prior to delivery.  Example: orders scheduled for October delivery will be confirmed in September.  Other delivery options will be arranged on an individual basis.

          Orders Combined

          To save on the Shipping and Handling Charge, orders from multiple customers will be combined for delivery at the same time.  Date and Time of delivery to be determined with the customers.