October 03, 2015

Q&A Mission 1, Medical Supply Crate

A response to your question will be posted as soon as time allows. 

Doug- RCX said:

Correction: In the Building Instruction video, the 2×8 white LEGO bricks on the bottom are too far apart. re-position them inward 1 knob each. They will match the mat in this position.


Belle Fischer said:

If the medical supply crate is upside down, but still not touching the red, does it still count?


Doug- RCX said:



Denette Brown said:

Would it count if the medical crate is on its side, but not touching the red?
I can send you a photo if you need me to be more specific.


Doug- RCX said:



Gayla Webb said:

When the medical crate/rescue beacon/ski worker are taken to the hospital, can they be sitting in something else? Example, an open crate as long as it isn’t connected.


Doug- RCX said:

There are NO limitations to the tool used to deliver these items.
All 3 items must be on top of the Hospital. The Medical Crate must touch the Red or White LEGOs of the Hospital to score.

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