August 20, 2014

General Rules Questions

If you have a question relating to the General Rules or any other aspect of how to participate in RCX submit your question here.

Christy said:

If the robot has a part that is touching the mat, can it be touching the black line and still be in the safe zone?


Doug RCX said:

For the robot to be considered “In” the Safe Zone, the outside edge of the Black Line is the dividing line between being “In” & “Out” of the Safe Zone. Any part of the robot may touch the mat, at the start of a mission, “Inside” the Safe Zone area.


Lisa Golladay said:

Can a team use more than one robot, on the board at the same time?


Doug said:

The team may use ONLY 1 Brick. If you can run 2 robots from 1 Brick then yes.


Dave M said:

I haven’t seen any note and may have missed it if it is a rule – can an EV3 be programmed using EV3Dev and python or Java instead of using the Lego programming environment?


doug.rcx said:

Yes, You may use any language which is compatable with the Mindstorm EV3


Natasha said:

Will the mini fig set be available for sale this year?


Douglas Geiman said:

Each Ua Hala Ka Hala Challenge set comes with all the Minifigs. For that reason I do not have any extra minifigs right now

If I have extra sets, I would be interested in selling the minifigs. Contact me at the end of the season in April.

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