Past RCX Challenge Themes & Supplies

Show your appreciation for your students hard work this robotics season and give them some RCX Swag.  Check out the items below. 

If you are looking for RCX t-shirts, RCX promotional materials or past RCX Challenge materials.  Items are available in limited quantities. 

 The Avalanche Rescue Challenge has a theme set at a mountain lodge.  Design construct and program your robot to rescue the vacationers from the perils of snow on the ski lift.

Limited quantities.

 Think out of this world for The Mars Adventure Challenge.  This theme works great for classroom activities involving the exploration of the Planet Mars.   Visit NASA's website to learn more about the names and places you will find in this challenge.

Limited quantities.


 Continue your adventure in space with the Mission Horizon Challenge.  Your team builds a robot to perform from Space Station Xtreme in the searce for minerals in an asteroid belt.

Limited quantities.

 Lets have some "Fun at the Fair" Challenge.  It's time to program your robot to ride rides and play games at your county fair.  

Limited quantities.

 The Ua Hala Ka Hala Island Adventure Challenge is designed to send you to a tropical island.  The twist is you are desserted and need to find food and shelter before you construct a raft to leave the island.

Limited quantities.


Remember the board game "Operation", let's add a robot and see what we can do.  The Body Works challenge is the answer. 

At this time, you supply the LEGOs and we will supply the mat.


If you would like to organize a competition in your area around any of the challenges list above, let us know.  Quantities are limited.  There are enough in stock to provide an exciting challenge for your school and surrounding schools to compete in a local tournament.

 Check for a RCX competitions in your area.  


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