Time Flies When Your Having Fun!

I hope everyone had an enjoyable Summer, but now it is time to get back to robotics.  The RCX Program has created another challenging theme for your students this year.  Let's go back to the past, a long time ago.  Let's think pre-historic. 
You guessed it dinosaurs.  
This year's challenge is "Dino World Rescue".  
Your team will be tasked to program a robot to reunite baby dinosaurs, Eplore the Hot Springs  and other challenging missions.

 Get your team ready

To prepare for the upcoming year, have your teams practice programming your robot using motor commands which can be duplicated. 


For example:  How many "degrees" = 1 "rotation" in the motor command while programming.
          Use "loops" when programming.
          Use the Suitcase across multiple mission programs
          Can you use a sensor command in conjunction with the motor command?

Dinosaur World Rescue Challenge Mission & Rules

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