Empower your team to become the "lead" on an expedition to prehistory.  Use the documents and videos linked on this page to guide your team to learn about dinosaurs while creating a robot to tackle the Dinosaur World Rescue challenge missions.


RCX Program General Rules and Other Documents to Participate

      Make sure both the Coach and Team Members review these documents.


Team Support Documents for the Dinosaur World Rescue Challenge

     Dinosaur World Rescue Mat 

     Dinosaur World Rescue Mission and Rules

     Dinosaur World Rescue Practice Score Sheet

     Dinosaur World Rescue Meadow & Dig Areas Defined

     Virtual Tournament LIVE

Host, Score Keeper & Referee Dinosaur World Rescue Documents

          Dinosaur World Rescue Mission and Rules

          Dinosaur World Rescue Mat

          Dinosaur World Rescue Meadow & Dig Areas Defined

          Team Paper Score Sheet CORRECTED

          Score Keeper Paper Score Sheet Answer Key

     Additional documents to run a Regional Tournament will be found on the General Rules Page.




Dinosaur World Rescue Tournament Prep Videos

     Coaches Prep

It is recommended that the Coach & Team Members review the Regional Host & Referee videos.  Details in these videos will help you prepare for the tournament and understand how the referee will score the team's performance at the tournament.


     Regional Host & Referees

          Part 1, Intro, Host and Score Keeper Info

          Part 2, Board Setup

          Part 3, Safe Zone, Quad Platform & Other Areas

          Part 4, Assessing Touch Penalties

          Part 5, Scoring the Nursery

          Part 6, Scoring the Match



 Dinosaur World Rescue Q&A Blog

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 Documents and videos are linked to each block below.


Challenge Overview

Coaches Meeting Video

Time Stamp

Mission Object Construction Videos

Starting/Scoring Positions


Intro/ RCX General Info

0:00 to 9:30


Mission Objects

9:30 to 13:10


Missions overview &  General Rule Changes for this year

13:10 to 21:00

Dual Lock Mission Objects Discussed

4:00 to 19:00   

Touch Penalty

40:30 to 43:35

Taken West to East, taken from any location

Grey Rocks "?"
Mission 1

21:00 to 22:45

23:20 to 24:30

Team Design & Construct "?"
Mission 2 22:45 to 23:25 Water Lilies "?"
Mission 3 24:30 to 25:00



Rock Face

Mission 4

25:00 to 26:30

Scoring Jig

28:00 to 28:30

Experiment "?"
Mission 5

26:30 to 29:30

51:45 to 53:10


Poison Flower

Mission 6

29:25 to 30:30

"Partially" "Completely" discussed

30:30 to 31:55

53:10 to 54:20



Mission 7 31:55 to 34:30

(From Mission 1)

(Team Robot)

Mission 8 34:30 to 35:20 Volcano Debris Arm & Debris "?"
Mission 9

35:20 to 36:20

"P" or "C" scores

Boulder "?"
Mission 10 36:20 to 36:45

Pterodactyl Nest


Mission 11 36:45 to 37:50 Bridge "?"
Mission 12 37:50 to 40:30 Brachiosaurus, Triceratops, Fences "?"

Cedar Tree

Palm Tree

Pink Flower


Robot "In" "Out" Safe Zone Discussed

43:35 to 48:50

Submit Q&A Discussed

48:50 to 50:30

Quad Location

50:30 to 51:45

Robot Discussed

55:40 to 59:00




 Dinosaur World Rescue Set List

Assembled Set                          Un-Assembled Set

Video                                            Video