October 06, 2022

Dinosaur World Rescue Blog

Coaches and Team Members

This blog is intended for you to post questions relating to the Dinosaur World Rescue(DWR) challenge. 

Q&A posted on this page will be used to establish General Rule and Dinosaur World Rescue Missions and other related items clarifications.  The responses from RCX will establish conditions your team will need to follow to prepare for this year's challenge.

When leaving a question, please use this format in the "Comments" section"

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We will try to get back with you ASAP.


doug.rcx said:

Mission 1

How does the team create the Lava Rocks?


doug.rcx said:

Good Questions Doug! LOL

Let the Team be creative. Use a minimum of 2 LEGO blocks of any size, any color.

This mission is intended to be a feel good opportunity for the kids. Encourage public speaking (with the Referee) and provide easy points.


Julie Sheffer said:

Mission 12—My team members want to know, “Do the different colors in the target rings have different levels of points? If not, does it matter where the mission objects land within those rings?”


doug.rcx said:

Good Question Julie


Mission Objects may be placed in any ring, of any color to score.(P,C)
For a higher score, follow the outlined Bonus Points on the Mission document.

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