It is time to start thinking robotics again.  This year your team will be challenged to get down and dirty.  A friend of RCX loves to go spelunking.  In case you don't know what spelunking means, that means to explore caves.  For many of us, a trip to the beach, Gatlinburg, and so on is a nice vacation.  Our friend's vacation is exploring caves.  He climbs, crawls, repels, swims and so on in caves around Kentucky and other regions of our country. 
I have done some research relating to caves in Kentucky and Tennessee:  Mammoth Cave National Park, Lost River Cave, The Great Saltpetre Preserve & The Tuckaleechee Caverns
The Lost River Cave
There are hundreds of caves both man made and carved out by nature over millions of years for us to explore. We encourage your team to do some research to learn about what makes up a cave.  What does "karst" mean?  What is unique in the Bowling Green, Kentucky regions relating to caves?  What lives in caves?  How humanity has used caves for 1000's of years.  What is the difference between a cave and a mine?  What minerals and/or natural structures can be found?
Go to the attached links to learn more about the caves I have visited.  Take a field trip to experience a cave with your team.
The Great Saltpetre Cave 


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