Many things about the world around us can be learned through exploring caves.  Consider the minerals we find, artifacts of former human beings, how animals have adapted to survive and how natural forces have created the world we explore Beneath the Surface.  

We hope teams take time to gain knowledge about caves and how they effect our lives in addition to participating in the RCX Beneath the Surface Challenge.


To Participate in the RCX Beneath the Surface Challenge

     Follow the General Rules and Other Documents.  The Coach and Team Members should review these documents.


Team Support Documents for the Beneath the Surface Challenge

     Beneath the Surface Mat

     Beneath the Surface Missions and Rules

     Beneath the Surface Practice Score Sheet

     Beneath the Surface Starting/ Scoring Positions Document

     Virtual Tournament


 Documents and videos are linked to each block below.

These items will be posted throughout October

Coaches Meeting Video date TBA


Challenge Overview

Coaches Meeting Video

Time Stamp


Object Construction


Starting/Scoring Positions




Intro Documents Page 1 Q&A
2:15 Mat Setup --- Q&A




Touch Penalty

20 Q&A
1 Rock  Storage 20:30 Rocks 3 Q&A
2 Move the Boulders









4 Q&A
3 Water Trough 24:00 Water Trough 6 Q&A
4 Heavy Load 25:00 Heavy Load 7 Q&A
5 Go Fishing 38:10 Fish 8 Q&A
6 Tight Squeeze 26:00 Team Provide Minifigs 9 Q&A
7 Deliver Gold  28.15 Gold 10 Q&A
8 Find Blue Quartz 29:45 Blue Quartz 11 Q&A
9 Silver Mine 31:15 Silver 12 Q&A
10 What's That 31:40 Artifact 19 Q&A
11 Clear Debris 32:25 Clear Debris 13 Q&A
12 Coal Mine 33:20 Coal 14 Q&A
13 Down & Dirty 35:00

Down & Dirty Base

Team Provide Minifigs

15 Q&A
14 Is that a Water Fall 36:45 Water Fall 17 Q&A
15 Look on the Ceiling 37:20 Spider 17 Q&A
16 Shiny Rock 36:20 Diamond 16 Q&A
17 Be Careful 37:45 Sink Hole 18 Q&A
--- Additional Info --- Q&A

Host, Score Keeper & Referee Beneath the Surface Support Documents

These items will be added after January 1st