October 19, 2023

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This blog is intended for you to post questions relating to the Beneath the Surface(BTS) challenge. 

Q&A posted on this page will be used to clarify General Rule and Beneath the Surface Missions and Rules questions.  Sometimes the combination of the General Rules, Beneath the Surface documents and videos may create a conflict.  Things may need to be clarified.  Post your question so that a member of the RCX Team can provide an answer to clarify your question.  The responses from the RCX Team will establish conditions your team will need to follow to prepare for this year's challenge.

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Doug RCX said:

Jack to answer your question.

The short answer is YES

General Rules 5-3 and 5-6 explain this action in detail.
Make sure NOT to connect mission objects together, General Rule 5-7.


Jack said:

Mission 1 & Safe Zone

Hello I am from belfry High Schools. I have a question about one the rock storage mission and the safe zone. If my robot was to collect the scoring rocks (rock 1, rock 2, rock 3, etc…) and bring them inside the safe zone, would I be able to touch/reposition the scoring rocks INSIDE THE SAFE ZONE or would I receive a touch penalty/the rocks not being scored?


Cassie Morrow said:

Mission 13 Down & Dirty

Does the minifig placed on top of the platform have to touch the surface of the platform?


Doug RCX said:

Good Question Cassie

For Mission 13, Down & Dirty, the Missions & Rules document does NOT say “Touch”.

Therefore, you may have the robot place the minifig on top of the Down & Dirty base in a manor in which the minifig “Touches” or does “NOT” touch the LEGO base.

If a container is used to hold the minifig, and the container is placed on top of the base, the referee will score the minifig by looking down from above the Down & Dirty base.

If in the referee’s opinion the minifig is above the base you will receive a positive score. If in the referee’s opinion the minifig is not above the base, even though the container is above or on top of the base, you will receive a negative score.


Melissa said:

Mission 2, Boulder Shift

To score the Green Flag when it is positioned with the Red line. The rules state past the Red Line and in photo and video you give points for being on red line. Just wanted clarification.


Doug RCX said:

Good Question Melissa

I interpret this to mean that the arm could be positioned on the red line. The scoring item is the Green Flag LEGO. The flag itself should be positioned such that it is on or above the Red Line and to the right of the line.
The LEGO is wider than the Red Line, therefore, the LEGO could be to the left, above, and to the right of the Red Line at the same time.

The referee, will look downward from above the Boulder Shift Mission Object, to see whether the Green Flag LEGO is positioned over the Red Line. It will be the Referee’s interpretation as to whether or not the Green Flag LEGO is positioned to the right of the Red Line to achieve a score.

Also, the Boulder Shift Mission Object must have the Green Flag LEGO piece assembled as assembled in the Mission Object Assembly video.

Potentially the Green LEGO could be assembled to the front or side of the Boulder Shift Arm. If the Boulder Shift Arm is assembled incorrectly, it is the responsibility of both the Team and Referee to make sure the mission object is assembled correctly before the start of the Match. The Team will not be allowed to have a “do over” and rerun the Match.

Assuming that the Green LEGO is positioned incorrectly, The Referee should score the Boulder Shift Mission Object by using the second Green LEGO, which is attached to the arm and score accordingly.

The Referee should correct the assembly of the Mission Object after the score review of the current Match is complete.

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