October 19, 2023

Beneath the Surface Blog

Coaches and Team Members

This blog is intended for you to post questions relating to the Beneath the Surface(BTS) challenge. 

Q&A posted on this page will be used to clarify General Rule and Beneath the Surface Missions and Rules questions.  Sometimes the combination of the General Rules, Beneath the Surface documents and videos may create a conflict.  Things may need to be clarified.  Post your question so that a member of the RCX Team can provide an answer to clarify your question.  The responses from the RCX Team will establish conditions your team will need to follow to prepare for this year's challenge.

When leaving a question, please use this format in the "Comments" section"

                  "Mission #"                  "Comments"


                  "General Rules #"        "Comments"

We will try to get back with you ASAP.