Now its time to register your team(s).  

Some information on the Team Registration Form has been "listed" to help you.  If you are at a field and your school information is not listed, one of 2 things has occurred.  Either your school has not ordered the Avalanche Rescue Challenge supplies, or someone other than your school in "name" has ordered supplies for you.  Fill out the following field and you will be contacted 

1.  The Coach of the team should fill out the Team Registration.  Tournament information will be sent to the email provided.

If you are an administrator and wish to receive tournament information, fill out a form and type "Administrator" for your Team name.

2.  If you have multiple teams, you will have to register each team separately.

3.  Be unique with your Team names.  If multiple teams submit the same name, the first team registered will keep the name, subsequent teams may have their name altered.  The RCX Program may need to adjust your name due to content.    

4.  Regional Tournament Choice:  Make sure to select 2 different Regional sites.  Teams will be placed based on District, Distance, Spring Break, and other information to allow teams to participate.

5.  Your local Spring Break dates

6.  You will be able to edit your Team Registration form, up to January 31.  


A confirmation of the Regional Tournament Site you will participate at will be sent out the first week of February.  

All Teams which chose "Jefferson County" &/or "Oldham County" should be prepared to participate by February 20, 2016.  Participation levels may require teams to participate at one or the other.


Link to Team Registration Form