This page will provide you with the necessary videos and documents to help you prepare for the Body Works Challenge.  Before you start, watch the Body Works Coaches Meeting video to provide you with an overview of the entire challenge.  Specific Missions are discussed in this video at the time listed below for quick reference.

General Rules and other support documents.


 Make sure to review the Body Works Challenge Updates below


Missions (Doc)

Mission Overview

Mission Object Building Instruction

Mission Object Piece List

Start/ Scoring Position 

Coaches Meeting Video Video *** *** *** ?
Bone Marrow 17:45, 28:05 Video Doc Doc ?
   1.  IV Stand 14:45 Your Creation Your discretion Referee Review ?
   2.  Operating Room Prep 16:15 *** *** Doc ?
   3.  Position the Eye 18:25 Video Doc Doc ?
   4.  Dislocated Shoulder 19:00 Video Doc Doc ?
   5.  Broken Elbow 19:00 Video Doc Doc ?
   6.  Heart Transplant 21:20 Video Doc Doc ?
   7.  Cracked Ribs 19:00 Video Doc Doc ?
   8.  Kidney Stones CHOICE 12:15 Video Doc Doc ?
   9.  Clogged Veins 22:50 Video Doc Doc ?
  10.  Fractured Leg 23:25 Video Doc Doc ?
  11.  Sprained Ankle 24:30 Video Doc Doc ?
  12.  Torn Muscle 25:20 Video Doc Doc ?
  13.  Epi Pen 27:20 Video Doc Doc ?
  14.  Blood Work 30:30 *** *** *** **
        A Blood Samples 31:15 Video Doc Doc ?
        B Red Blood Cells 33:05 Video Doc Doc ?
        C White Blood Cells 36:40 Video Doc Doc ?
        D Bacteria 40:10 Video Doc Doc ?
  15.  Success 42:00 *** *** Doc ?


The following documents will help you prepare for the Body Works Challenge. 

     General Rules and other documents not directly related to this year's challenge

     Body Works Missions

     Body Works Practice Score Sheet

Regional Host supports for the Body Works Tournament

    Regional Host Information Packet

    General Rules and other tournament documents

    Referee Training Video

    Referee Score Sheet & Excel Score Sheet sent to hosts

                    BWC Referee Score Sheet

                    BWC Score Sheet, Excel Answer Key

                    BWC Score Sheet, Point Value Answer Key


 Body Works Challenge Updates

Items listed below are changes/corrections/clarifications to previously posted videos and documents relating to the Body Works Challenge.  The comments listed below will take precedent over the videos and documents posted elsewhere.  Referees will score at tournaments in a manor that follows the comments below.

Additional clarifications can be found at the Body Works Challenge Q&A page.

Updated The Body Works Mission document has been updated to reflect the changes discussed through 10/12/17.
 Mission 2 The IV Stand you present to the Referee may touch any part of the outline of the IV Stand on the mat, to include the blue and grey areas.
Mission 8 The "Hard" Choice: Kidney Stones may be "Partially". or "Completely" in the Kidney area to receive the 25 points.  Remember, only 1 Kidney Stone per Kidney.
Mission 10 Dual Lock will be placed under the mat at tournaments to help secure the mission object.
Mission 12 The LEGOs for the Torn Muscle may be located in "Any" muscle across the body.  The LEGO must be "Completely" within the muscle to score.
Mission 14A As long as the Blood Samples are in the Petry Dish, the Blood Samples score located anywhere across the mat.
Mission 15

To score, the Minifig by itself is worth 35 points

To score with the robot, the minifig must be on the robot, Not attached, to score.  The robot, with minifig is worth 70 points.

No score, if the robot is on the Quad without a minifig.