Fun at the Fair Regional/State Results


 RCX Program Contest

Submit a video &/or photos of your students participating in the Fun at the Fair Challenge.

Contest deadline is May 15, 2017

It's time to have some "Fun at the Fair" 

This year the RCX Team has pulled together several of your favorite games and rides from the local country fair.  If the game is challenging for you to personally complete, just think how challenging the game will be for your robot.

Games and rides for all ages are at your local fair.  Now is the time for your robot to have some fun as well.  Let's see if your robot can have fun trying to accomplish the tasks.  Successfully construct and program your robot to manipulate the games and rides.

"NO Food or Beverages Please"


Have "Fun at the Fair" with RCX in 2016-2017.


 As you open your Fun at the Fair Challenge Kit, you will notice several things:

1 Fun at the Fair Challenge Mat

LEGO pieces Bag 1

LEGO pieces Bag 2

For a description of items in each Bag, (Click here)


Fun at the Fair Challenge Documents and Videos

The Missions listed below will be listed in a clockwise fashion.

Review the Coaches Meeting Video.  Missions are discussed starting at the running time listed below.


Piece List

Mission Object Building Video

Mission Video

Scoring Location


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Mat Layout/Setup Doc

Part 1, Review "Pictures"

Pictures ?
   1.  Fair Entrance Doc Watch Video 7:20 Pictures ?
   2.  Wack-a-Bot Doc Watch Video 7:55 Pictures ?
   3.  Spinning Cups Doc Watch Video 9:40 Pictures ?
   4.  Bumper Cars Doc Watch Video 10:28 Pictures ?
   5.  Field Goal Toss Doc Watch Video 12:02 Pictures ?
   6.  Bowling Ball Roll Doc Watch Video 13:20 Pictures ?
   7.  Strong Man Doc Watch Video 14:40 Pictures ?
   8.  Tip the Bots Doc Watch Video 15:10 Pictures ?
   9.  Spill the Milk Bottles Doc Watch Video 17:05 Pictures ?
  10. Ferris Wheel * * 18:50 Pictures ?
  11. Squirt Gun Mania(Trigger 1&2) Doc Watch Video 21:00 Pictures ?
  12.  Basket Toss Doc Watch Video 22:10 Pictures ?
  13.  Marble Toss Doc Watch Video 23:30 Pictures ?
  14.  King/Queen of the Fair * Refer to Coaches Meeting Video 24:45 Pictures ?
Minifigs                           Doc * 26:30 * ?
Flowers, Garbage, Garbage Cans Doc

Flowers Video,  Garbage, Garbage Cans

1:30 Garbage Cans ?
General Rules & Other Documents Page * * * ?


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 Fun at the Fair 

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