The RCX State Tournament at the STLP State Championship

Thursday April 18, 2019
9:30 AM EST
Rupp Arena, Lexington Kentucky
Theme:   Luau
          Be prepared to Party!!!!  Dress the part.  Have Fun.  You have worked hard all year, now it is time to celebrate.  Let's show everyone at the STLP State Championship how to have fun.
          Anyone still wanting to volunteer, check in at the RCX booth on the day of the tournament.
STLP State Tournament Documents for the RCX State Tournament
          Rupp Arena Diagram
          Rupp Arena Floor Plan
RCX Ua Hala Ka Hala Challenge Documents
          Coaches and Team Members should be familiar with all the documents, videos, Q&A, etc. associated with this years challenge.  Click here to link to these items.

Documents Coaches will need to Download

The following documents are for coaches to use during the RCX State Tournament.  Print them, share them, use your phone.  No copies will be provided at the tournament.
      Daily Schedule
      Match Schedule


RCX State Tournament Schedule



7:00     Volunteers for Set Up of RCX booth, report to Security at Loading Dock

9:00     RCX Volunteers report to RCX booth in Rupp Arena for training

9:30     STLP State Championship opens to the public 

            Team Registration, report to RCX booth in Rupp Arena 

10:00   Coaches Meeting (All Teams)

10:30   Competition Rounds begin, Round 1 & 2

12:30   Lunch Break   

1:00     Competition Rounds continue, Round 3

 2:00    Challenge Design Award, Team Spirit, & Team Enthusiasm Award participation 

 2:15    Challenge Design Award, Team Spirit, & Team Enthusiasm Awards awarded

 2:30    Cleanup RCX booth

 5:00    STLP State Championship Awards Ceremony 

            RCX Champion & Runner Up Awards presented



RCX State Tournament

Tournament Set Up:

          The plan is to set up on Wednesday evening and complete the process Thursday morning.  Text Doug at 859 835-0546 if you can help.


          Notice on the Rupp Arena Floor Plan we have moved slightly to to right.  The parents and fans of RCX will be able to sit in the arena seats and view the tournament much better this year.


          Team Registration will open at 9:30.  A Team packet will be provided.

Pit Area:
          There are plans for a Pit Area this year.  Space is limited.  Only teams activitly competing will have access.  You will have to share tables with other teams.  Do not plan to "Set up Camp" in this room.
This year you will be able to follow the teams via a Google link.
Here is the process:
1.  Referees will score matches with a tablet. 
2.  Coaches will receive a copy of the form submitted by the Referee to use a guide to help their team.  This form will be emailed to the email address of the Coach which was provided on the Team Registration Form you submitted earlier this year.
3.  Parents will have access to the link, to follow on their own PDs.
     FYI there is a 5 minute delay after forms are submitted.  Be patient.

Awards to be presented:

          Champion (each division, during STLP Awards Ceremony)
          Runner Up (each division, during STLP Awards Ceremony)
          Challenge Design Award (at RCX booth, end of tournament)
          Team Spirit (at RCX booth, end of tournament)
          Team Enthusiasm (at RCX booth, end of tournament)
The information on this page is almost complete.  Additional information, in any will be shared with your coach, on tournament day at the Coaches Meeting or within the Team Registration Packet.  Last minute changes to the tournament may occur.