September 27, 2018

Ua Hala Ka Hala Island Adventure Challenge Q&A

Post all your questions for the Ua Hala Ka Hala Island Adventure Challenge here.  A response to your question will be provided by Doug as soon as time allows.  If you would like to comment on others posts, feel free to share.

Kathleen Kirk said:

Do we need to keep the Legos in their respective bags? Can we put them all in a bin? What is the best way for students to find the pieces they need to build mission objects?


doug.rcx said:

The bagged LEGO pieces are in no specific order to help assemble the Mission Objects. I reccomend emtying all the bags at one time.

Separate by color, size and brick type.

As you assemble the Mission Objects, double check your work for accuracy. Remember, there will be about 100 extra LEGO pieces in the unassembled LEGOs sets

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